– Vinh Duc Plastic Rubber Production is controlled by a team of excellent technicians, dedicated many years of experience with the application of technology flat molding press, central press, conversion press, vomiting extrusion press, vulcanized temperature, providing high quality products, efficient economy and meet parameters and rigorous requirements of domestic and foreign customers.
– The rubber products of Vinh Duc Company are now being produced from the category of rich rubber materials such as : NR,SBR, EPDM, NBR, ACM, AEM, CR, HNBR, PU, SI, FKM,….

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bang xếp hạng ngoại hạng anhan>

bang xep hang bong da hang nhat anh,Advanced technology, Modern equipment, Quality assurance, Competitive prices, Delivery on time.

With the variety of designs and superior product features, we always bring increasing benefits to customers when using Vinh Duc rubber products.   ,xskg

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